Is ‘High School Musical’ Good?

Well a few years ago a few friends and I at school were listening to music and all of a sudden a High School Musical number came on. I expected the song to be changed almost immediately. I also expected the guy who was playing the music to get all embarrassed… but no, that didn’t happen. 

Top Five Random Places in Toronto.

Not necessarily my favourite, but fun random places in the city I love to pass by while I am in Toronto.  This is in no particular order.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech Eric Dahlinger Freedom of Speech is known as a ‘Fundamental Freedom’ in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The dictionary claims it to be ‘the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint’.  It means that a person can say almost anything they want (with out bodily threats or call to…

The Problem with Having Nothing To Do

The Problem with having nothing to do The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. – Ellen Parr My boredom with life often causes me great anxiety in two major ways.  The first being the fact that I don’t want to be bored, society has often told us that only the…

About this Blog

Welcome to my blog, Thoughts of an Anxious 20 Something. I (Eric) just thought I needed a space to write my thoughts and put it out into the void that is the internet. I hope you can find some insight about life from it, but if not at least I hope you find it entertaining.