Welcome to my blog, Thoughts of an Anxious 20 Something.  I (Eric) just thought I needed a space to write my thoughts and put it out into the void that is the internet.  I hope you can find some insight about life from it, but if not at least I hope you find it entertaining.  A little about my self, my name is Eric, I’m a young 20 something (23 at the start of this blog) just getting started in the performing arts world… don’t worry not everything on this blog is going to be about performing. I am high anxiety, suffer from social anxiety, I am what you call an outgoing shy person.  I spell nothing right, so get ready.  I live in a small suburban city with my Parents (yes I am a millennial) just out side of Toronto, Ontario.  I am a good Canadian boy, and a wanna be instagram model.  Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!