My Year in Review

My Year In Review

By Eric Dahlinger

Every year my friend Quinn writes her year in review, so I thought this year I would do the same.  If I had to describe this year in one word, it would be work.  This year was full of me working my butt off, sometimes for some amazing results, and sometimes just for minim wage, either way I got some good stuff out of it.  Here are the top 10 stand out moments the year 2016.


  1. Getting to go see Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas in concert. In July My friend Ali and I got to go to the Honda Civic Future Now Tour co headlined by Nick and Demi.  If you have ever taken my dance class you will know I always have a Demi song in my warm up mix, AKA Daily Demi.  And Nick wasn’t too shabby to see either.


  1. Getting fit again.  If you know me, you know I have always struggled with body image issues. But thanks to the gym, dance, and my new Fitbit I have been able to get back down to my high school weight, fitting into all my old pants :P. (disclaimer: the holidays have been hard on the scale but I am still in the zone of my high school self) 13254158_10154172212983664_4167468505651111418_n.jpg


  1. Getting to teach. Okay, Steph knows how much I like to bitterly complain about teaching but I do like it, and I get to meet cool other teachers.  I love teaching dance and drama.  I even got to choreograph a high school production of Fiddler on the Roof


  1. I started a blog. I finally said lets do it, and I did.  Now I get to put my thoughts out into the universe.  It is a lot of work but it is great.


  1. Going to the Blue Goose. If you ever take the lake shore west Go train, you will pass the Blue Goose Tavern at Mimico station.  I had passed by it for years vowing (even on facebook) that I would go. So for my birthday I went with a few friends.  It was kind of sketchy, but the food was really good.


  1. Banff. I went to Banff for an intensive acting professional training program with the Banff center for the Arts and the Citadel Theatre.  I was so scared to go, I was being taken so far out of my comfort zone… we did a lot of Shakespeare and I would never say that it is my strength.  But I did it, I learned so much about my craft.  I met so many amazing people, and saw so many amazing mountains and views.  Feel the fear and do it anyways.12733593_10153918888413664_9095164317832287293_n.jpg


  1. I choreographed a Fringe Theatre piece called Crux. It was a site specific, immersive, dance theatre experience, in which the actors had to dance on a rock wall.  It was certainly a challenge. I have to admit I had my doubts, and I was ready to pull my hair out a lot, but it was all worth it. We created something magical (well except LeeAnne).  Thanks Greg.


  1. West Side Story. It is my dream show. I finally got to do it.   It was at the citadel theatre on a thrust stage.  Best music, best dancing, best story.  It’s just the Best.  There isn’t much more I can say but I loved it.13103377_10153816581678557_2565994328284139704_n.jpg


  1. Getting to spend a week in Edmonton with my best friend exploring the city, eating on the back patio, seeing hair, taking Grants water bottle, filming self tapes, and seeing where she grew up. Loved that time with you Quinn. (also it was fun when Aisha stopped by for two hours in Edmonton)


  1. Getting to just hang out with all my friends in the big city, and having people I care about.




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  1. Irene says:

    Sounds like you had a pretty kick ass 2016! I’m jealous! Happy New Year.

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  2. idontknowcookbook says:

    What I would give to be 20 something again or at least the body from my 20s. Lol looks like you had a pretty decent year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just come from the gym, where I was boxing, and kick boxing. At age 68 I am the fittest I have ever been. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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