Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays

By Eric Dahlinger 

I heard once that the true definition of etiquette was ‘actions that make others feel more comfortable’, I think that this is truly the approach we all should take while debating whether we should wish someone a Happy Holidays or a Merry Christmas.  This debate can truly be maddening.

When to say Happy Holidays 

Saying Happy Holidays is always the safe bet.  Truly is no one should get offended if you whish them a happy holidays.  Most people are either celebrating something or preparing to celebrate, between Nov 1st and Jan 15th there are 29 different events to be celebrated.  It is more inclusive, there is no doubt about that.  It is Not a war on Christmas. 


When to say Merry Christmas

If you know that someone celebrates Christmas, then you should totally wish them a Merry Christmas.  It is sort of like calling someone of Asian descent Chinese, if they are Chinese it isn’t offensive to say they are Chinese, but if they are Japanese or Korean, then it becomes ignorant. When working retail if a customer tells me that what they are buying is a Christmas gift I will wish them a Merry Christmas, they appreciate the personalized gesture.  And if they told me the gifts were for Hanukkah, I’d happily whish them a happy Hanukkah.

When to not say Happy Holidays

If some one wishes you a Merry Christmas, do not answer with Happy Holidays.  This will make you look so pretentious and like a politically correct obsessed snob.  If etiquette is to make someone else feel more comfortable, you are doing the opposite. It is just really rude and tacky.

If someone wishes you the wrong thing, realize it’s a gesture of good will and good cheer; no one is trying to hurt you.  The Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays debate is truly an example of a first world problem.

Please feel free to disagree and debate with me in the comments.

*A side note we truly are very blessed to live in such a wonderful place and we all have so much, Christmas is a great time to give back. Give generously this season 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Maddening


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