Tips for Dealing with Store Employees

Tips for Dealing with Store Employees

By Eric Dahlinger

As the Holiday season falls upon us (in fact Christmas, and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day with Kwanza starting the very next day) many of us will be headed to the mall. Many people know I work in a Canadian retail store as a fashion/sales associate, so I have experienced a large number of different customers in my days.  So I thought it would be helpful for me to give you a five tips in how to make both yours and the associate’s time a little more enjoyable.


1.        Finding a size.  If an associate asks you if ‘you need help finding a size’ while you are looking through a stack of tops, use them.  They are there to help you.  They don’t mind bending down to get it plus they will be able to find a size with out messing up the stack of clothes.  You are also free to ask them for help with this.  But on the off chance you have to find it your self, don’t just pull the size you need from the middle, lift the stack up and the take your size… you don’t even have to put it back, the associate can do that in 1 min, but it will take them 15 min if you mess up the stack.  It’s not that much more work for you to do.

2.       Don’t yell at associates.  If there is a discrepancy between a sign and a price, and the associate informs you that the deal doesn’t exist.  Don’t get mad at the associate, they are the bottom of the pyramid; they don’t make the rules and have no power to change them.  They are simply the worker bees.  Calmly ask to talk to a manager, the manager can adjust the price and do something for you.untitled

3.       Change rooms. If you don’t want to hang up your clothes when you are done, that is no problem, just hand them to me.  I will hang them back up with a smile.  But often well intentioned people hang up there clothes… inside out.  Don’t do this, if you aren’t going to do it right, just don’t do it at all.  When you hand me your clothes hung up inside out I have to take your work apart and re-do it.  You have wasted both your own time and mine.


4.       Don’t hide things. If you have something in your hand you no longer want, don’t hide it in a rack.  Put it on a table, hand it to an associate, crumple it up and throw it on the ground for all I care. Just don’t put it hidden in the racks of clothing.  We will never find it till we close.  And if we need it in a particular size for another costumer, if you have hidden it, it could be the difference between a person finding a Christmas gift or walking home with nothing.  Don’t mess up Christmas for others.

5.       Finding something.  If you know what you want before coming in, just ask the associate, they will be able to find it way faster then you, and its there job to do that.  Never be afraid to ask for help or for an opinion, it’s our jobs and its more exciting the tidying and doing busy work.  Side note most associates are not getting paid enough to be dishonest with you when looking for an opinion.

Overall just be a pleasant person to deal with. You are way more likely to get good services if you are kind.  Hope you enjoyed my tips. Happy holidays and more importantly happy shopping.


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