My Year in Review

Every year my friend Quinn writes her year in review, so I thought this year I would do the same.  If I had to describe this year in one word


Discovering How Much Failing Can Suck

Failure, I believe is one of the hardest feelings to face as a human being.  We are bombarded with messaging of “failure is not an option”, and on top of that I grew up in a society that almost wouldn’t let me fail, aka participation trophies and such.   And as far as feelings go, failing is for sure my absolute least favourite. 

Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays

I heard once that the true definition of etiquette was ‘actions that make others feel more comfortable’, I think that this is truly the approach we all should take while debating whether we should wish someone a Happy Holidays or a Merry Christmas.  This debate can truly be maddening.

I am so NOT A Bro

Sometimes I think I am the most socially awkward person that has ever walked the planet earth.  I am the most outgoing shy person you will ever meet, that song Shy from Once Upon a Mattress was 100% written about me.  Believe it or not I’m better in formal situations then Informal, I understand decorum and manners,

The Mystical Power of Amateur Theatre

So over the last two months I have been volunteering my time and skills to choreograph a high school musical.  It was Fiddler on the Roof, one of the greatest pieces of musical theatre ever created, and therefore one of the hardest. 

 The Fear of Missing Out… Fomo

apartment with out me.  I’d be like ‘why aren’t you inviting me?’ or ‘where the hell are you going with out me’… of course this was only in my head.  It’s also funny because a lot of the time things that I don’t get invited to I wouldn’t want to go to anyways… but I still want to be invited. Because of this, I can usually talk my self of the ledge. Also social media still plays games with me, I have unfollowed people because their lives just seem so much more interesting then mine, and it makes me so jealous… Instagram is probably the worst for this.  But you know what they say about social media, you are just comparing your real life to someone’s highlight reel.   That is the double edge sword of FOMO and social

Some Holiday Music I Treasure

Well the holidays are truly upon us, so I thought I would let you know three of the hidden gems of Christmas music I love to listen too this time of year.  I love the classics like Michael Buble, Bing Crosby, and the queen of Christmas Mariah Carey, but here are some less famous versions of some Christmas songs

When Good Friends Vanish

They say friendship is 90% convenience, some times it is and some times it isn’t, but what about those friends who you think will be around forever and then vanish.  My Facebook memories often show my really passive aggressive posts from high school, things like “I thought we become closer and now you’re further then ever” and “I can’t believe you would throw me aside”… God was I

Tips for Dealing with Store Employees

As the Holiday season falls upon us (in fact Christmas, and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day with Kwanza starting the very next day) many of us will be headed to the mall. Many people know I work in a Canadian retail store as a fashion/sales associate, so I have experienced a large number

Life Is Messy

Opportunities come at the most inconvenient times, and when you pray an opportunity to show it self it never does. Why? Why does this always seem to happen?  But maybe it’s just our perspective.