Top Five Random Places in Toronto.

Top Five Random Places in Toronto.

By Eric Dahlinger

Not necessarily my favourite, but fun random places in the city I love to pass by while I am in Toronto.  This is in no particular order.


  1. Delysees, A great little French bakery located 780 King Street West. Some of the best French macarons, and a lot if them are gluten free. My friend Quinn and I love going, grabbing a coffee and splitting a box of 6 macarons. My favourite is the red velvet macarons.IMG_20150809_160518836.jpg


  1. “Was it the most glorious or the most monstrous moment when Jay met his creative spirit ”My favorite peace of street art in Toronto. From my research, I found that it is painted by a German duo that goes by Herakaut , and was painted in 2012 (  I found it on the way to a casting, I was struck by its beauty.  For me it, it sums up the love and enjoyment the arts bring but also how the arts sometimes find a way of really breaking you because of that love, I think many struggling artists would agree.  Nothing has given me more happy moments then performing and creating, while nothing has also given me more heartache then that same performing and creating. It is located in the east end at 1135 Dundas Street East.  If you are in the area check it out.


  1. David Crombie Park by The Esplane. Why? I don’t know.  I just had a really lovely time there when I stumbled through.  Really pretty area, great view of the sky line.  Seems like an artistic place (it also as a mural).  Wish I had more to say… I just like it.


  1. Caldense Bakery… OMG the croissants are to dye for (you can tell I love food). They have an almond croissant with a cinnamon filling.  I could just eat the bread, I had a sandwich on my birthday there and I swore the bread was deep fried it was so good.  They specialize in Portuguese baking… they have a location around little Portugal (I drove there as Portugal won the Euro Cup, I nearly killed someone).  It is very authentic, if fact most of the staff speaks Portuguese to each other.  They have a few different locations but I go to 337 Symington Ave.  Have a taste.


  1. Early Bird Espresso and Brew Bar. I know that my Instagram (@ericdance42) is filled with Starbucks cup photos, but this place is the real deal.  The coffee isn’t too bitter, it’s just right.  The latte art is on point, and the atmosphere is super lovely (the right amount of basic for me) with exposed brick (some painted white) and blond wood, and the presentation is really sophisticated yet simple, with white dainty mugs and wooden trays, almost a Japanese vibe, it really matches the atmosphere.  It’s a great place to socialise with friends, or sit now with your lap top and write a blog post.  They have a 4.7 review on Facebook, so other people seem to agree with me.   It’s a little hard to find… I have missed it once or twice, 613 Queen Street West.


Hope you can take the time a check some of these places out.  Comment blow, tell me some of your top fives.


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