The Problem with Having Nothing To Do

The Problem with having nothing to do

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. – Ellen Parr

My boredom with life often causes me great anxiety in two major ways.  The first being the fact that I don’t want to be bored, society has often told us that only the boring can be bored.  I have a desire to do something more with my life, I want to be busy working on stuff that I’m passionate about, but like many young 20 something’s I have yet to have the experience I need, and my education could still use informal upgrading.  Going back to experien, it’s that odd paradox, to get a job you need experience and to get experience you need a job.   Also I would love to take classes to help myself get better; problem is this takes money… not a problem right, just get a minimum wage job…  But then that takes your freedom of time away.  There are two currencies, time and money and having both is practically hard.   This often creates the effect of running on a tread mill… something that causes great Anxiety.  In the end I work a retail job and take classes when I can. 


Secondly, anxiety hits hard core when an event, audition, or job interview will come up. Why?… Well I am craving for something to happen, that when something small does, it engulfs my whole life. The stakes jump to life or death. A good analogy would be, these events are like medium sized hills, next to mountains they are nothing, but when you are used to flat land they seem huge. When you’re life is smooth sailing a little ripple can feel like a big deal.  I know it might seem like I’m complaining that my life is to easy… Maybe I am, but the point is if you are to accustom to coasting (which as stated above is stressful in its self) you feel unequipped to deal with the other bigger stuff.

But I think this is just part of being a young person in this day and age, and most of us are going through similar things. All we can do is keep going; hoping that through our hard work, opportunities will arise and one day we will overcome.  We cannot be complacent in our lives, we must strive to our goals no matter what, even if only little by little.  Also, find the small good things in life, for me it’s Thursday night TV.  It’s not a lot, but it brings me enough joy and to realize there is good in my life.  Work hard but also relax, and give yourself a break, and remember the pendulum shifts ever so slightly as it swings.




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