Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Eric Dahlinger

Freedom of Speech is known as a ‘Fundamental Freedom’ in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The dictionary claims it to be ‘the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint’.  It means that a person can say almost anything they want (with out bodily threats or call to violence) without prosecution from the law.  So… yes, that means D. Trump was legally allowed during the election to say most of his horrible rhetoric.  But, how?  It was so awful and racist and sexist?… doesn’t matter, in both the USA and Canada, his comments were legal.  But don’t worry too much (well besides the fact Trump won) freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequence. This means that you have freedom of speech too, for every racist, homophobic, and sexist opinion, you have every right to protest and let your opinion be heard as well. An example of this would be ‘if you say something racist, your manager has the freedom of speech and choice to fire you. If a CEO claims he hates the gays, investors have the freedom to separate from the company.

A real world example when Nicole Arber made her video ‘Dear Fat People’ you had the freedom to tell people not to watch her and give her viewership. So freedom of speech isn’t freedom of all consequence.


Remember too the because free speech is really only in the law, schools, companies, institutions, and even public websites can limit what is a loud to be said in there own boarders.  You can’t be arrested for saying racist things but you can be suspended.

Why can’t we just ban Racist and horrible things?  Because, who draws the line? At the end of the day we are all independent, autonomous people, with our on morals and beliefs.  You would only be happy if you were the one making the rules.  So to protect us all there must be no rules on speech.

So the next time Trump says something you hate remember he is allowed to say, but you can say anything you want about how wrong he is in return.

I got a lot of my information from Crash Course.  It’s amazing. Freedom of Speech: Crash Course Government and Politics #25

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